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Imavate Education

The Imavate Education Programme was created to improve the outcomes of Primary and Secondary Education through Comprehensive Performance Research and Statistical Analysis.

The Imavate Education Programme addresses the need to help each student harness their potential and improves academic performance through effective decision making derived from a revolutionary way of representing student academic performance.

We have reformatted the standard term result sheet to include a more detailed, professional and pictorial representation of each individual student’s performance.

We also deliver a term summary booklet which contains all the information concerning the performance of the school in various areas from class performances to subject definition and category performances across various academic terms and classes.

The new, improved and vastly more professional looking Student Result Sheet delivered by the Imavate Education Programme positions participating schools as the best place for any parent wishing to give his or her child the best quality education by portraying the school as a place where the education is taken seriously.

Immediate Advantages to Schools Include:

No extra equipment is needed by the school. We will provide score sheets for score recording by teachers. We will then analyze, produce and package the results which are then collected by the school.

Imavate Education is committed to offering you the best research, data analysis and information management backed by renowned educationalists, professional guidance counsellors and complex system analysts.

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