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About Us

Imavate Solutions Limited is an information systems organization that specializes in organizing information and building systems needed to solve local and global challenges through software and software based services. We have developed proprietary software for Human resource management and electronic requisitions, purchases, cash claims, advances and returns, asset management and inventory management.

At Imavate Solutions Limited, we are people focused, we insist on constant value innovation, quality or no deal, and easy, straight forward solutions. It goes beyond just improving strategy or technical innovation, we make the difference by focusing our efforts on the few but extremely crucial tipping points in organizational processes. This ensures operation efficiency and increased profits with reduced costs. Imavate research and development team are always at work coming up with solutions that bring about value innovation in your organization. Building on our years of experience in IT solutions, we have focused our efforts to Improve Agility, Manage cost, Increase productivity and reduce the risk associated with IT projects.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Imavate Solutions Limited the ideal choice for an Information Technology development company to support business process optimization.

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